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Bayan Smith designs and makes bespoke furniture and other wooden pieces from his workshop in County Donegal, Ireland. Bayan works mainly to commission, however he also crafts certain smaller items for shops and fairs. Pleasing designs, premium materials, and a careful blend of modern and traditional techniques are used to ensure that future generations will enjoy each piece as much as the present one.



Everything I build is made with the finest craftsmanship and the best materials available. Below you’ll find a few examples of previous work. This is not a full list of work, but rather just a small sample to give you a sense of what can be done. Please get in touch and we can create whatever it is you want from bedroom to garden furniture, children's playhouses and climbing frames, statement dining tables to office and reception desks. Whatever you do order, you’ll receive an item of the highest quality piece that is made to last.
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A bespoke service is the opportunity to commission a craftsman and collaborate to create heirloom pieces built to your specifications. Anything is possible, from a fine display cabinet for your tableware to a treehouse for the children or even just a set of wooden bowls and everything in between.  
Consultation is always the first step and together we will define your exact needs and hopes for the piece. When we agree on a timescale, design, and budget I will begin making your piece. If you wish you can remain involved throughout the process with photos and visits to the workshop to see it take shape.


I also produce limited-edition batches of certain items that are available from my online shop or through visiting my workshop. Products available here will change constantly, but generally they will be smaller pieces such as chopping boards, coffee tables, stools, candle holders and other similar works.


Selected Work

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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

— Aristotle

Craftsmanship is a book among the books of divine sciences, and a treasure among the treasures of His heavenly wisdom.
— Bahá’u’lláh

Without Craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.

— Johannes Brahms

Nothing should be made by man's labour which is not worth making, or which must be made by labour degrading to the makers.

— William Morris



For any inquiries or orders please get in touch with me today.

For those of you with a little more local knowledge, our workshop is based at the old Argony Pipe Pub on the main road between Killea and Newtown Cunningham. If you're approaching from Newtown, we are on the right-hand side just after the turn off for St Johnston.

For those relying on google maps, use the eircode only and it will bring you right to the front door.

+353 89 49 30 179

+44 7929 096 039

Monglass, Newtown Cunningham, Co. Donegal, F93 P2DD

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Despite having always loved to work with my hands, I would never have described myself as creative. It took a failed attempt at civil engineering for me to realise that craftsmanship is my calling because it marries my two passions – designing and making. Of all the crafts, I was drawn to fine furniture making and woodwork because I knew that here, function and form are harmonised, not placed in competition. Additionally, wood has a special quality and is a joy to work with.

Following a period of training in coastal Cornwall, experience with other designer-makers, and running my own workshop in Manchester, I now work from my home and workshop in Donegal, Ireland. You'll find me in my workshop between the two villages of Killea and Newtown Cunningham in what used to the old Argony Pipe Pub.  If the car is in the drive you'll know I'm around, feel free to call in!


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+353 89 49 30 179

+44 7929 096 039

Monglass, Newtown Cunningham, Co. Donegal, F93 P2DD

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